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Experience Our STEM School Model

Visionary STEM Academy's approach to providing a high-quality, cross-disciplinary, STEM curriculum, directly aligns with our mission to make STEM education accessible for all students in Kaufman County and surrounding areas. STEM education is a method of hands-on teaching and learning where students learn to apply academic content by creatively solving real-world problems with innovative design-based thinking to prepare students for future career opportunities. At Visionary STEM Academy we believe in educating students through:

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Creative Intentions
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Critical Thinking lightbulb
Critical Thinking
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Community in person's hands
Community Engagement 
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Creative Intentions
of i-STEM

We focus on preparing students for learning by using a comprehensive character education curriculum to teach fluency in the skills associated with career readiness and workforce development also known as STEM Fluency Skills

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Learning Together
Number Two
Critical Thinking
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Our high quality STEM enriched curriculum is designed to integrate STEM across all subject areas bridging connections between STEM subjects and other disciplines, such as English Language Arts and Social Studies, to foster creativity, promote a well-rounded education, and provide a holistic understanding of real-world concepts.

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Community Engagement of our-STEM

We have forged partnerships with families, local businesses, universities, and STEM organizations to provide students and teachers with access to experts, resources, and real-world experiences that enrich their learning.

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